I am interested in a variety of topics related to Astroparticle Physics, Galaxy Evolution, and Cosmology. My main studies focus on understanding active galactic nuclei and the extragalactic background light, both from optical/infrared and gamma-ray perspectives. I work at the Fermi-LAT and CTA collaborations, cooperate with the MAGIC collaboration as an external researcher, and often use other telescopes at La Palma Observatory, such as GTC.

Five selected first-author publications:

‘A New Measurement of the Hubble Constant and Matter Content of the Universe Using Extragalactic Background Light γ-Ray Attenuation.’ Domínguez et al. ApJ, 885 (2019) 137D

‘A gamma-ray determination of the Universe’s star formation history.’ Abdollahi et al.  Science 362 (2018) 1031F

‘3FHL: The Third Catalog of Hard Fermi-LAT Sources.’ Ajello et al. ApJS 232 (2017) 18A

‘Dust Extinction from Balmer Decrements of Star-forming Galaxies at 0.75 <= z <= 1.5 with Hubble Space Telescope/Wide-Field-Camera 3 Spectroscopy from the WFC3 Infrared Spectroscopic Parallel Survey.’ Domínguez et al. ApJ 763 (2013) 145D

‘Extragalactic background light inferred from AEGIS galaxy-SED-type fractions.’ Domínguez et al. MNRAS 410(2011) 2556D

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