Data Analysis 

The UCM group works in the analysis of the data provided by the two detectors of The Pierre Auger Observatory.

Mass composition

Energy Spectrum

Calibration of the Fluorescence Detector

Fluorescence Yield

Both theoretical and experimental studies of the Fluorescence Yield FY are carried out by the UCM group.

Theoretical studies

Measuring Fluorescence Yield

Impact of the Fluorescence Yield on shower reconstruction

Characterization of photodetectors

The UCM group is working in the characterization of SiPMs, both developing theoretical models to describe cross talk and afterpulsing and experimentally in the lab.

Theoretical models

Experimental Characterization of SiPMs

Contribution to the Observatory Detector

Surface Detector

UCM has contributed 375 solar panels for the power supply of surface detectors.

Fluorescence Detector

UCM has contributed optical equipment for the Central Laser facility CLF and the Extreme Laser Facility XLF.