For the interpretation of the measurements of the fluorescence component of ultra-high energy showers a precise knowledge of the air fluorescence efficiency and its dependence on particle energy and atmospheric parameters is mandatory. A world-wide campaign of laboratory measurements is being carried out. These international efforts have reached a stage of reliable results.

After a series of successful meetings, starting in Utah in 2002 the 5th Air-Fluorescence workshop will be held in El Escorial, Madrid, 16 - 20 September 2007.

This workshop will publish the results of experimental and theoretical groups working  on air fluorescence emission in a devoted issue of Nuclear Instruments and Methods A.

Workshop site

        Real Centro Universitario Maria Cristina, El Escorial Madrid
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  • air fluorescence emission:
- absolute fluorescence yield measurements
- energy dependence
- pressure, temperature, humidity dependence
  • application to shower detection
- energy calibration of fluorescence telescopes